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In January 2019 and 2020, a Fredonia group has traveled to Honduras to conduct medical
brigades. We have done an art fundraiser each year to obtain money to pay for medicine and
health supplies that we will bring from Fredonia. As in past years, local artists have donated
items that we are selling to raise funds to purchase medicine and medical supplies.
There were 15 students planning to go in January 2022, but all January study abroad courses
were recently cancelled by SUNY. The funds raised this year will go to the purchase of supplies
and medicine for the January 2023 program.

For the medical brigades, we will travel with our Honduran hosts to small rural communities and
set up day-long health clinics in a school or community center. Community members are
welcome at the health clinics where they will see a physician and receive medication. We will
also provide vitamins and dental supplies to the clinic visitors. There is no cost to the visitors to
the clinic.

Many local artists have donated items for this fundraiser. The Fredonia Honduras Health Care
class expresses its heartfelt thanks to the artists and those who purchase art and/or make
donations for the medical supplies and trip costs.

ART SALE -View items outside room 126 in the Science Center


To make a purchase, click on the down arrow next to the piece you wish to purchase and click on the number 1 and it will be added to the amount to be charged.  Only one piece available per selection of art.  

* you can increase size for viewing by holding the "Ctrl" button and pressing the plus sign on your keyboard.

Art viewable at https://www.facebook.com/FredoniaHondurasMedical or click yes below to view larger photo option

Once a purchase is made, Ted Lee will be in touch to arrange pick-up.

Show listing of art photos

Carolina Parakeet and Backhman's Warbler Prints Image
Carolina Parakeet and Backhman's Warbler Prints
Alberto Rey
$ 100.00
Bird House 1 Image
Bird House 1
Sarah Zielonka
$ 60.00
Sold out
Bird House 2 Image
Bird House 2
Sarah Zielonka
$ 60.00
Sold out
Ceramic Bowl-JS Image
Ceramic Bowl-JS
Jacob Swanson. - 9" wide at top
$ 60.00
Ceramic Mugs Image
Ceramic Mugs
Amy Snyder
$ 60.00
Sold out
Ceramic Tray - CS Image
Ceramic Tray - CS
Carol Samuelson - 11.5x13.5"
$ 60.00
Ceramic Bowl 2 DR Image
Ceramic Bowl 2 DR
David Rudge
$ 20.00
Sold out
Ceramic Bowl 1 DR Image
Ceramic Bowl 1 DR
David Rudge
$ 20.00
Sold out
Ceramic Vase-RN Image
Ceramic Vase-RN
Ron Nasca
$ 80.00
Ceramic Bowl-TL Image
Ceramic Bowl-TL
Ted Lee - 9" wide at top
$ 50.00
Ceramic Paella Dish Image
Ceramic Paella Dish
Ted Lee.- dish 14" wide
$ 80.00
Ceramic Platter Image
Ceramic Platter
Ted Lee - dish 14" wide
$ 60.00
Sold out
Ceramic Tray-TL Image
Ceramic Tray-TL
Ted Lee
$ 50.00
End grain larch cutting board Image
End grain larch cutting board
Rhonda Lee - board 8.5x22"
$ 120.00
Cherry & Black Walnut Wood Bowl Image
Cherry & Black Walnut Wood Bowl
Rhonda Lee
$ 80.00
Sold out
Ceramic Vase-EH Image
Ceramic Vase-EH
Elliott Hutton
$ 70.00
Ceramic Bowl-EH Image
Ceramic Bowl-EH
Elliott Hutton - 9" wide at top
$ 50.00
Ceramic Place Setting Image
Ceramic Place Setting
Lisa Eppolito
$ 80.00
Ceramic Tray-PC Image
Ceramic Tray-PC
Paula Coats - 11.5x9.5"
$ 50.00
Ceramic Bowl-AB Image
Ceramic Bowl-AB
Ann Burns - 9" wide at top
$ 50.00
Sold out
Small Ceramic Bowl Set Image
Small Ceramic Bowl Set
Marv Bjurlin - small set largest bowl 5" wide
$ 60.00
Large Ceramic Bowl Set Image
Large Ceramic Bowl Set
Marv Bjurlin - largest bowl 9" wide
$ 120.00
Sold out
Ceramic Dish - MB Image
Ceramic Dish - MB
Michelle Ballachino - 14x10"
$ 60.00
Sold out
Please enter amount of donation

A copy of our most recently filed financial report is available from the Charities Registry on the New York State office of the Attorney General Charities Bureau website, www.charitiesnys.com, phone 212-416-8401, or request a copy by contacting Fredonia College Foundation at 716-673-3321 or by email foundation@fredonia.edu.

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